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October Awarenesses - Codex Pentitentiae
October 14th, 2011
02:27 am


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October Awarenesses

Adopt A Shelter Dog Month - Purple - also kewl for collars, dog togs, dog jewelry, dog ornaments,  anything for dogs
Eye Injury Prevention - Green
Rett Syndrome Awareness - Purple
Breast Cancer - Pink
Domestic Violence - Purple
Lupus (Canada) - Purple
AIDS Awareness Month - Red
Down Syndrome Awareness - Blue and Yellow
SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome) - Light Baby Pink and Blue

Metal Illness Awareness Week - 2-8 (maybe over but can still post) - Green
US Bone and Joint Decade Week - 12-20 - Blue???

International Stuttering Awareness Day - 22 - Sea Green

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