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Pain Entry 1 - Codex Pentitentiae
September 17th, 2012
01:18 am


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Pain Entry 1
I was so tired I slept all day except for 2 hours for the church festival, then I went back to sleep until 9pm - bad thing was I already had a Cluster Headache when I woke up (it hurt one side of your head and is neurological and not like other headaches so not much helps them - draw a line down half you face, so half you nose, one lobe, have your lips, one eye, etc is filled with pain and that side of the back of the head). Well I do have medicine for this, it's new, it's $50 a shot and you can't use it once the headache is going strongly, you have to shoot yourself in the thigh when it is starting. So I went back to bed.
I wake up and 12:30am Monday and now my bladder feels like it's had an acid bath going all the way down to my urethra. Lovely, take a bit more percocet, put a heating pad on, and be glad I'm not screaming right now.
Friday I actually was screaming from Interstitial Cystitis (IC) pain - it had felt like a giant sea urchen with all it's painful spikes had grown in my bladder, it calmed down to just feeling like battery acid an hour later.

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