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Codex Pentitentiae

Take my love, take my land...

Mistress Kahlan
5 August
I am a graduate student at Western Michigan University and I tutor Latin, and teach Heroes and Villians, World History, and Latin in the Middle Ages in the History Department. So my name, you may have seen, is in Latin, meaning "Mother Confessor".
ac milan, adult swim, age of empires, anime, apoptygma berzerk, archery, arsenal, ballet, beborn beton, belly dancing, bigod 20, black adder, black-n-white photography, bunnies, candles, catholicism, chieftains, chivalry, christmas, christopher lee, clive barker, coca-cola, concrete blonde, cooking, cosmic bowling, costumes, d&d, dancing, danny elfman, dolphins, dragons, elvis, fantasy, fencing, fondue, gators, george r. r. martin, gordon lightfoot, goth, goth music, gothic, great big sea, guinness, halloween, hiking, history, horror flicks, hugh grant, invader zim, isle of man, jack bauer, james o'barr, jason isaccs, jazz, jimmy buffett, jonathan rhys myers, jonny depp, knights, kyacking, latin, leather, legend, legends, lyrical, mackesons xxx, manx cats, medieval, medieval combat, medieval culture, medieval history, medieval recreation, medieval reenactment, medieval studies, middle ages, ministry, movies, mythology, nathan fillion, neopets; nick cave, new orleans, nick cave, norse, paranormal, pasta, penguins, performing arts, peter murphy, pointe-, puzzles, quests, reading, red dwarf, ridley scott, road trips, rob zombie, rollercoasters, romance, rpgs, runes, san fransico, sandra bullock, sca, scotland, snow, soccer, squires, star gazing, sushi, swords, tap, teaching, terrytown, thai food, the princess bride, theatre, thunder storms, tim burton, toronto, tourneys, travel, trimaris, vampire hunter d, vampire: masquerade, velvet, viking studies, vnv nation, white russians, willow, wine, wolfsheim, wolves, york